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Discover Maritime Denture Clinic’s Denture Services in Saint John

At Maritime Denture Clinic, we take every client’s denture needs very seriously. As a  family business servicing patients of all ages, we strive to keep everything personal in a light-hearted atmosphere. Our clean, professional office and short wait times generally result in many satisfied clients . We proudly offer the following denture services for our diverse clientele:


• Complete & Partial Denture Services

Whether you need complete or partial dentures, we will arrange a series of appointments to take accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit and a more aesthetically-pleasing smile. Your dentures will be custom-made in our convenient on-site lab to ensure efficient turnaround times and adjustments (if they are necessary).


• Dentures Over Implants

This type of denture features special attachments that snap directly onto the implants. Because you lose bone over time once your teeth are missing, there is a specific window of time in which implants may be completed. Contact our office  for more details.


• Denture Repair Monday through Thursday by appointment

Please call the office at 634-8311 to schedule your appointment

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